RANDA HADI رندة هادي

I’m Randa, a Kuwaiti designer, researcher, and architect by training. I’m a visual thinker with an interest in bridging the gap between architecture and graphic design by creating spatial experiences in both the physical and digital world. My interests lie in the intersection of making through experimental, narrative, and speculative design processes. I believe in making; making with the hands as a way to have a deeper connection to the artifacts being made and materials being used. I view design as a process rather than an end goal – where the emphasis is shifted to the process of making that provides more questions than answers. I view questions as never-ending; in a constant search “towards an answer” but never one solution. I’m fascinated by both immaterial and material appurtenances (cultural, ecological, memories, collective beliefs, stories) and the way in which they impact our daily life.
Although I have many interests, I am fascinated with time, space, and being. My architectural background fostered my appreciation of time and space. Three-dimenstionality is what I lean on; our world is three-dimensional and complex in ways that cannot be expressed two-dimensionally. The world we live in is multilayered, multidimensional, spatial, and temporal. 

If you want to talk about any of those things email me, I’d love to share my excitement with you:
randaxhadi [at] gmail [dot] com