Prompt: Conceive and design a book from a range of found books at the library.  
Borderline is an exploration of Identity: Culture, Art & Identity. This project explores the idea of combining multiple books to create a cohesive one; looking at adaptive design systems and manipulation of found photos.

The basis of this book originally stemmed from my passion and curiosity in art and culture and its relationship on how each country has a different expression (both graphically and textually) depending on their geographical location. This passion came from the second I laid my hands on the Neo Japanesque Graphics book, there was something so captivating and interesting about the details within it that almost seemed like I was being transported to Japan. Suddenly, a sea of different ideas started to flow but only one of them stuck out: this notion that geography influences culture and culture shapes art and they all equal to identity. This book is meant to be an exploratory and experiential device that takes you on a series of adventures from culture, art and geography to identity through a set of images that communicate and tell a story about where they come from. The purpose of the book is to look at the different cultures around the world through an artistic lens and comparing them based on their geographical location. The world has more to offer than just political boundaries, topography and oceans; this book tries to combine some of those elements in order to create a bigger picture.

Culture, the arts and customs of people based on their country’s history. It shows that culture has shaped art by incorporating some elements that are derived from each country. When you see all the different cultures that are placed next to each other, it’s clear that you are looking at different parts of the world. Art, is a form of visual expression that try to tell a story. Showcasing some art from around the world and the different mediums that are used and how each country uses their own “color palette” depending on where they are located. Geography, the study of physical features of the world, where it’s located and it’s neighboring countries. Within each country there’s influence but countries can influence each other as well. Depending on where they’re located on the map, they might have similarities in art and culture and this depends on proximity. Identity, takes the complexities of culture, simple forms of art and geographical regions and combines it to define who we are and what we are. When these elements are combined you gain insight into a person’s identity.