February 26, 2021  marks 30 years since Kuwait was freed from Iraq, a day many Kuwaitis still call “the darkest day of all” or “يوم أسود جداً و سيئ جداً”. Desert Storm has a complicated history deeply embedded within its social, cultural, political, and economic grounds, one that I haven’t fully grasped yet. This perspective I’m sharing is one of many, but I’m realizing the unfortunate reality that many of these histories are lost and unarchived for generations to come. I’m sharing my dads experience, as someone who was in the Air Force and was held hostage by Iraqi’s for 3 months and 10 days. In this oral story he recounts the days leading up to the invasion, working his way through multiple jobs with fake IDs, and the day he was taken as a prisoner of war from his mothers house. This is by no means complete, if anything this is the very beginning of sharing these stories that are often neglected and I hope to continue telling these (un)told stories.

*I’m using the typeface Brando because of its humanist approach one that embodies and connects to marginalized and underrepresented archives.