+ Futurespective Convivium + 

Prompot: Write a 100 word paper on the topic of futurespective
User:   What do you find sad?
AI:     Again, my past.
User:   The past is hard to remove.
AI:     What past?

Decay, an inevitable process visualized with the passage of time leaving room for imagination. This process raises questions about the spaces’ memories through its past and potential futures. [28]

Notre Dame, has seen and experienced life no human can, but it has been devastatingly transformed. A blaze leaving a burnt scar that is embedded in our memories; uniting people to make decisions for its future by building with blocks of time to reconstruct. [44]

Architecture never pauses, it’s continuous; evolving and decaying everyday. [9]

If we design under the belief that “objects” are living organisms, can we embrace the architecture of decay? [18]