Prompt: Construct an interdiscplinary space at the University of Miami Coral Gables campus using the lens of collaborative and innovative practices. Start by analyzing the University of Miami campus to get an understanding of the schools and departments that live within this ecosystem.

The idea lab is a place of intersection among innovation, creation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. The Richter Library is the one place on campus where students from different disciplines come to and exchange ideas, share expertise and help each other. I wanted to create a strong relationship between this old idea lab where books flank the shelves, and new idea lab, which is filled with new technologies and flexible spaces. The main hub for the idea lab would be on top of the library because it further strengthens the connection because it represents a mountain of knowledge. I envision the idea lab as a hypothetical futuristic project similar to those of archigram and superstudio. The reasoning behind my vision for the project is because we currently do not have the technology to be able to build such complex structures. The idea lab focuses on a multi-phased project, going from small capsules to a main hub. The main hub will focus on this notion of circulation and idea that collaboration is mixed with circulation, which is why its placed to go around the building. The circulation plays a major part in creating these flexible spaces where it has more than one purpose.

As you go higher up from the first floor to the fourth the program changes going from smaller individual spaces to collaborative open spaces.