Prompt: Read a research paper that discusses a theoretical framework and visualize it by using terms and visual metaphor to build the framework. Theories of Doing.
Collaborators: Victoria Gerson and Krithika Sathyamurthy

The main problem focused on in this article is what we call “the gap”. “The gap”  involves having the technology to transition towards sustainability but not the social, political, or economic capital to implement known solutions. Basically, scientifically we know what we need to do and how to do it, but we just aren’t doing it. The research here then focuses on bridging that gap between scientific knowledge and action in sustainability science.

The authors used case evidence of renewable energy policy formation in the state of Texas, where their wealth is rooted in fossil fuels and they are politically antagonistic towards climate-change policy BUT have accepted wind energy technology  and now generate more electricity from wind than any US state. The authors use this case study to show how social function systems can be strategically aligned to generate solutions that address diverse needs simultaneously.

Throughout the process of developing the visual logic we went back and forth between the article and the drawing board. We extracted terms that were important to emphasize  when we were creating the framework. We went through a series of iterations to attempt at capturing the essence of the theoretical framework.


A series of conversational sketches created by the group