Prompt: Conceptualize and design a system for a publication and test the system using a variety of content. Choose, collect, organize, create, invent, and explore. Brevity is not a lack of information, rather it’s the act of picking what’s important. Theorizing making, thinking, and thinking about making.

Ritualistic is an experimental editorial design project that focuses on the topic of rituals in (both) literature and in visuals. The publication is designed specifically for people who are willing to explore the meaning of rituals and allowing it to seep and become apart of their lives. For those who don’t usually consider rituals as necessary I encourage you to enjoy this immersive journey. This is for readers who want to know what rituals are, what they can do, how they can help you and how to reconsider what a ritual really is. Inside you’ll find a mixture of poems, features and rituals that you could use throughout your everyday life or information that will help you create your own rituals.