Prompt: Visualize uncertainty in data using the data from the presidential election of 2016 using form, motion, and color. Turn the data visualization into an application experience, how does a user get a better understanding of this data?

How do you show uncertainty in data? No one really sees the behind the scenes when it comes to data unless you’re the one sorting it out. People are constantly misreading data because of the way that it is visualized and portrayed. With this project I show the data from the top view (something people normally see) once it starts glitching it gives you an unsettling feeling that there’s somthing you’re not seeing, something beneath the surface. Once you explore the 3D aspect of the data and space, that’s when you realize that the uncertainty lies in the 3D space. The 3D space tells you more about the margin of error, instead of giving you one hard and fast number.