This Design Thinking course is hybrid between studio + seminar. It is an introduction to and exploration of design thinking theories + methodologies through problem solving processes of imaginative discovery, ideation, collaboration, and human-centeredness. Students will engage in a series of projects and exercises to help create a "design thinking process" that is their own, while providing multiple solution(s) to a problem and creating space for divergent thinking. This course will provide students with the tools to develop, observe, research, iterate, ideate, speculate, give collective feedback, and find solution(s) to complex problems. This class is about providing students with the toolkit to analyze, synthesize, and communicate these findings. Design thinking is not the end all be all, other research methods will be introduced to provide multiplicity in voices and thinking methods to contrast each other. This class is about the ways in which design research can help us find solutions to a variety of problems that might not seem design related. 

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