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Randa (رندة ), is a Kuwaiti designer, researcher, educator, and architect by educational training. Her interests lie in a space where architecture meets graphic design — an area of design process she describes as experimental, narrative, and speculative. Her work explores ways to (re)think the archives as a space to heal, dream, and imagine a better future and interweaving them with themes relating to Arab identity, belonging, collective memories and making, and cultural visual language through design. She currently works at Polymode as a Senior Designer where her work focuses on weaving narratives of social justice, resistance, unearthing voices, and imagining design experiences through poetic research, which asks us to look at the multiplicity and plurality of our current, past, and present realities. She is fascinated by shadows, reflections, and color, which embody both the material and immaterial appurtenances (cultural, ecological, memories, collective beliefs, stories) – bringing the invisible to the forefront. As an educator, she focuses on acts of inclusion, collaboration, and ways to (re)write design education both in the classroom and as a teaching assistant for the BIPOC Design History courses. Randa welcomes conversations and collaborations on any of these tangential topics.

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