Randa Hadi 
رندة هادي

is a Kuwaiti designer, researcher, educator, and
informal archivist.

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Frye Art Museum

Polymode designed the new Frye Art Museum ︎︎︎ branding and website, which takes inspiration from the architecture of the museum. We wanted the website to feel like an extension of the physical space, which takes digital form. The Frye Art Museum’s website is meant to be a gateway into the various things it offers like events, browsing the collection, programs, and rotational exhibitions. It was important for us to design an architectural navigation that gives the users a holistic overview of what the Frye offers.

Jay Marol ︎︎︎

My role as the UX/UI Design Lead was to collaborate with Jay Marol to develop a new brand system and a new website redesign. Through an iterative process, Jay and I were able to create a web structure that complimented the collection of the Frye by highlighting the artwork, talks, and free open access museum to all visitors.

The Website

The design of the website places the navigation as the forefront to make sure that users can locate themselves throughout the complex site. By using color coded sections, users can make associations for the sections and use them as visual indicators.

The Brand

The Frye Art Museum brand redesign gets its inspiration from the architecture, referencing the grid gates and the diagonal shadows that it creates. The colors were inspired by the iridescent gate that is found at the entrance of the museum; showing how time affects material. The typefaces that are part of the brand are Murtaugh and Riggs, designed by Nikola Djurek. For more information please checkout the whole brand deck here ︎︎︎