Randa Hadi 
رندة هادي

is a Kuwaiti designer, researcher, educator, and
informal archivist.

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Frederick Fisher and Partners

Polymode redesigned the Frederick Fisher and Partners website ︎︎︎ which gives ample space for their projects to live in; from hand sketches, and renderings, to images of the built architecture.

The website’s infrastructure allows for a cinematic experience of architectural projects, holding space for panoramic drone videos, and evolving the studio’s visual identity. The flexible, varied web grid is designed to accommodate a wide range of content without any feeling of repetition, while still allowing for consistent information and simple navigation. Frederick Fisher and Partners is passionate about creating spaces at the intersection of art, education, and community building with a heavy focus on the design process. The website highlights these sketches and the human aspect of their design using cinematic photography and framing of the UX / UI structure.