Randa Hadi 
رندة هادي

is a Kuwaiti designer, researcher, educator, and
informal archivist.

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Design(ing) as Storytell(ing)

ART 305 – Graphic Design I, Design(ing) as Storytell(ing) introduces students to foundational design concepts and creative processes associated with the graphic design field, while also harnessing the power of storytell(ing). Emphasis will be placed on the relationship between word, image, meaning, grid, and form to visually communicate a story and information. This course will provide students with the knowledge to share stories through space + time. One of the many attributes that a designer should hold space for is the ability to culminate all these fundamental design principles to problem solve and tell story(ies) that are ours or ones that belong to others.

University of Tampa

During the semester, students were asked to engage in a series of exercises, workshops, and projects that analyze different ways of communicating, some of the projects include zine making, VR experiences, and their final project where students researched and developed

Student Work